The "Defeat Liberals" strategy for the 2020 elections is to select a few states that are critical to President Trump's re-election, states that he either won by a slim margin or lost by a slim margin, and which can benefit greatly by strong Republican down-ballot campaigns.  The object is to garner national support for these candidates by promoting the idea that contributing to these candidates is the best way to win these crucial states and so win the presidency. 

If the Republican House candidates have the funds to run an effective campaign, this will result in strong conservative voter turnout in their district.  This in turn will greatly help that state's senatorial candidate, who we will also be supporting and  helping him to win the state's critical Senate seat.  This will maximize the Republican voter turnout, win the state  - and lead to a Trump victory! 
 The selection of states and candidates will be an ongoing process over the next few weeks, but the first state selected is Michigan now that their primaries are over.  Information will be set up on the "Targeted Races" page as quickly as contact and coordination with the campaigns is established.







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