Supreme Court -

            Once again, as in 2016, a major issue is the Supreme Court.  It is very likely that two new Supreme Court justices will be appointed during the next four years.  This is a rare opportunity to change the Court to Constitution-oriented justices.  It requires our maintaining a majority in the Senate as well as the White House.

At stake – our history, our traditions, our principles, our religious freedom, our constitutional rights, and our very culture.

Law and Order -

  We can not turn on the TV without seeing the horrors of the looting, burning, and killing in many Democrat-controlled big cities across the country.   We see streets  filled with throngs chanting, “Black Lives Matter.”   No one would dare stand in such a crowd and yell, “Blue Lives Matter”  -  they would have little chance of escaping unharmed.  While the number of Black on Black killings soar, these same groups advocate  defunding the police – the same police who risk their lives every day trying to protect the people in those communities. 

            Yes, of course Black lives matter – so do Blue lives  - and all other lives.

Our System of Justice

            During the Obama-Biden administration, the FBI and the Department of Justice were used to try to destroy the Republican candidate for president, Donald Trump -  and then President-elect Trump – and then President Trump,  even lying to the FISA court so they could spy on his campaign.  Those responsible must be held accountable if our faith in our justice system is to be restored.

 Stand for our flag, kneel for our  God  -

The mantra today is, How brave are these athletes standing up for their beliefs!  No, the truth is the exact opposite – these athletes are going along with “group-think.”  Today, only the most stout of heart will dare to stand and show respect for our flag, our national anthem, and our country.  They risk the ridicule of the media, their standing with their team, their job, and perhaps even their personal safety.

Burn the flag -

Any counter-culture individual or group is free to set fire to an American flag anywhere – even on the steps of our nation’s capital.  Yet anyone else who sets a fire on the Capital  steps, even a pile of yard leaves, would be arrested for such charges as public endangerment,  disturbing the peace, or whatever.  But burn our flag?  That’s great – that’s Free Speech!

Other issues will be on the ballot in November, among them Right-to-Life,  the right to bear arms, securing our borders, and many more. 

Fed up with the liberal media?                                                                                                                        Don't get angry, get active!                                         

Don't say, "The country is headed over the cliff - 
                           but there's nothing I can do about it!"

Yes there is  -   it's up to you!
It's better to light one small candle than to curse the darkness.

Support the candidates who will fight to preserve our                                                        American way of life.





















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