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       HOT   ITEM           (think   "Supreme Court"  . . . .)

onservatives across the country are (almost literally) up in arms over the recent outrageous decisions by the Supreme Court.  This outrage inspired our latest bumper sticker which encourages conservatives to THINK  -  if they had any idea of not voting because their favored candidate does not win the primary, THINK - the next appointments to the Supreme Court will determine the future of the country.  We must elect a Republican to the White House. 

Just before the  2014  elections, due to popular demand for a bumper sticker that would apply to all Senate and House races nationwide, we took the famous  question  -  "WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?"  -   to apply to all the issues that enrage conservatives of all  stripes:   IRS targeting, Solyndra,  Russia invading Eastern Europe,  EPA regulations, Iran and nuclear weapons, the collapse of our economy and the country being overrun by illegals across our southern border, Obamacare, the Middle East being overrun by Muslim barbarians,  and the  release of five more of them in exchange for Bergdahl.  Of course, Benghazi  - there are too many to list - and who knows what next week will bring?  (Hillary's emails, the Clinton Foundation scam  - every week another shoe drops.  Hillary has more shoes than Emelda Marcos.)

We have very few of these left, but could reorder if there is enough time.

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"WHAT DIFFERENCE  DOES  IT  MAKE?"     Our  future  is at stake !  
REPUBLICAN !                                      

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Every campaign, from state legislator on up, can benefit from getting these out among their voters.

Great fundraiser for conservative groups - - our  bumper stickers  (shown on "Home" page)  are top quality vinyl,
removable stickers.
We have ordered them at a large bulk rate to get the best price, and will send them to you at our cost.                                                                     
Our goal is to get them distributed and driving around!  A bumper sticker is a 
                                                   mini-billboard - on wheels
You can  get a hundred just  for fun and give them to friends, family, neighbors  -
                              and even to liberals, just for laughs!

As the Democrats try to run from Obamacare, we are tying them to it.  They can run but they can't hide from - "KEEP your DOCTOR . . ."
Over  ten thousand "Keep your Doctor" bumper stickers sent nation-wide.

For more details, or if you have any questions,
email -, and we will get back to you.  

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The goal of our projects is to focus attention on the voting records of the Democrat Senators up for
reelection, and to expose their support for Obama and the liberal agenda on such major issues as  -  
Amnesty for Illegals -  Gun Control  -  Deficit Spending -   Obamacare.  

POSTERS:  Long before the primaries in 2014, volunteers will attend rallies and events to highlight disapproval of the
Democrats' and Obama's agenda, and carrying posters relating to the subjects listed above as well as the many scandals that  have come to light recently. 

 "Stop IRS targeting" - and "Benghazi cover-up" and all the others.

The favorite generic poster so far is, 
"KEEP your Doctor . . .CHANGE your SENATOR"

Groups of volunteers should start painting posters well in advance.  We don't need a primary-produced candidate - we will start campaigning AGAINST the incumbent Democrat Senator, tying the Democrats to the destructive Obama 
policies - to the corruption - the illegality - the unconstitutionality - the immorality - the divisive, corrosive, and arrogant manner that defines this administration. 
Advance preparation is key.  If groups in each state plan an event, or attend the Democrat Senator's townhall or
rally, or a Republican candidate's event, they should have a stockpile of posters to distribute to volunteers for the event.  The impact is best if there is local TV coverage of the event.  The point is to get people thinking - do we really want six more years with this Democrat in office - and  the DEMOCRATS IN CONTROL OF THE SENATE - or should we vote him out?

When we do have our candidates, next summer, the voters will have had a long time to think about all this and 
the direction of the country.  Let's help them see things our way.  If we get voters thinking about all these issues, we
will provide our candidates with momentum that they could not buy with donated dollars.  It is priceless!
In the next few weeks, we will be setting up communications with various individuals and organizations in the 
targeted states.  To get in on the fun, send an email to and we will get back to you.

     Adopt a District  (2010 Project)

            This project, launched for the 2010 elections, rightly assumes that many conservatives who live in safe Republican
districts want to help get our country back on a conservative track.  With the increased awareness of the importance of
every congressional race nationwide, those living in a safe district are more inclined to want to help Republicans who are  
challenging  incumbent Democrats in a nearby district.  The "Adopt a District" project offers a way to be a part of the action.

        The obvious  activities of any campaign include handing out fliers, putting up yard signs, campaigning door-to-door,
phoning, and - waving signs at intersections (which can be really fun).

        The most fun is poster painting.    In 2010, our favorite was,   "HONK  to  Fire   Nancy Pelosi   -      The sign -wavers
cheered as cars went by blowing horns.      


Fed up with the liberal media?   Don't get angry, get active!   

                                                     Send us an email and get signed up.

Projects for Patriots   (2012)

            The poster painting  project can be done anywhere.  We allow a three-week window from date of order received to posters shipped.  In 2012, we first shipped 80 posters to Pennsylvania, Virginia,  and Florida.  Orders for Ohio, New Mexico, and Nevada went out next, then New Hampshire, Connecticut, Colorado, Utah, and Minnesota.  As of October 12, we had shipped 1,140 posters to campaigns across the country.  Our posters go to football games, to rallies, to Obama campaign events, and are seen on streets and intersections in a dozen states nationwide.  

            Anyone can start a poster-painting group. We will provide all necessary information.  All the volunteers have to do
is get a group together, get the posters and paint pens, maybe some snacks, and have a really fun time.  One person m
ay offer "my house, every Thursday afternoon," or a few friends could rotate.  It's even fun to do at home alone.  Whatever works.      

            With all "defeat liberals" projects, the plan is to build a network to campaign first at the congressional level, then coordinate
with the campaigns for Senator and Governor.  The object is to turn out the maximum conservative vote, benefitting the
Republican ticket from Congress on up.

                        No one can say, "The country is headed over the cliff
                                        but there's nothing I can do about it!"

Yes there is  -   it's up to you.    


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