In many areas in our country today, conservative voters are concerned about the possibility of retaliation if they show support for their candidate by displaying a yard sign or bumper sticker.  The “Defeat Liberals” campaign offers an alternative and very effective means of truly making a difference in the November elections.  Our strategy, and proposals for action that can be taken by conservatives across the country, are presented on the     “Elections 2020”        and       “Targeted Races”  pages of the website. 

This strategy is a major deviation from the actions we have promoted in the past, when bumper stickers were a popular way to show support for a candidate,  as shown below. Since 2010, we  have sent tens of thousands of bumper stickers to critical campaigns around the country.  The message each election cycle was determined by the foremost issue of that year.  In 2016, we had seen years of liberal judicial rulings from the Supreme Court, so the bumper sticker that year was - 

  Think  "Supreme Court"
  Vote      Republican

When the nation's major concern was health care, and President Obama repeatedly told us, "If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.  Period."        our bumper sticker  was -


KEEP your DOCTOR . . .
    CHANGE your SENATOR     (period)

Then, in 2016, we had Hillary Clinton proclaiming that the egregious slaughter of Americans at Benghazi, including our ambassador, was of no great consequence, and asking, "What difference does it make?"    So our bumper sticker was -


"What  difference  does  it  make ?"
                 Our  future  is  at  stake !

   Vote     REPUBLICAN

One of the most effective was in 2010, the year Republicans took back the House of Representatives.  Our message that year was "Fire Nancy Pelosi - vote Republican."  

This year the strategy is to target critical battleground states where there are strong down-ballot Republican candidates running against Democrat incumbents.  A strong campaign for a House seat will result in high conservative voter turnout in that district, which will also help the Republican senatorial candidate.  A strong campaign by the Republican candidate for the Senate will, in turn, help voter turnout for President Trump in that state.  Our goal is to direct donations to these down-ballot candidates in the targeted states.

The first target state is Michigan.  (see Targeted Races page)   The next target state, Minnesota, is now added. 


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