Elections 2016 * * *
The focus will be on the Senate Democrats up for reelection (see "Targeted Races), bringing attention to their
liberal voting records and their support for  unpopular Obama policies such as Obamacare, IRS targeting,
Benghazi cover-up, Gun Control, Amnesty for Illegal Aliens, the War on Coal, weak national defense,  and Deficit Spending and Debt. 

Our projects will be directed to the states where Republicans have a chance to defeat an incumbent Democrat
Senator, such as Colorado and Nevada, and support our incumbent Senators.  We will also support Republicans in House races in those states.

Information on all the candidates, from state legislature on up, will be posted on the "Candidates" page as
 information becomes available.  We encourage everyone to send campaign donations to those listed, and to
send us an email if you would like to help with the


Ten Democrat Senate seats will be up for election  in 2016..  




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