Mission Statement:  Defeat liberals, elect conservatives, in order to restore:  
       - fiscal sanity to our federal government
       - a strong national defense and border security 
       - international respect
- public trust and confidence in our constitutional government and our 
              judicial system.

We can only win the 2016 elections if conservatives turn out to vote in large numbers.  Those who stay home because their favorite candidate did not win the nomination will only help elect Democrats.

All conservatives share the outrage over the Supreme Court.  We know that the next president will appoint a few new justices to the court, which will affect the direction of our country for years to come.
Our newest bumper sticker - the mini billboards-on-wheels - should help to inspire conservatives to do their best to elect a Republican to the White House.

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  Think  "Supreme Court"
  Vote      Republican


DOCTOR . . .
    CHANGE your SENATOR     (period)


"What  difference  does  it  make ?"

                 Our  future  is  at  stake !

   Vote     REPUBLICAN


* Foreign relations: Our enemies do not fear us, and our allies do not trust us. 
Never in recent memory has the image of the United States been so tarnished as
under this president's policy of appease and apologize.  Black AlQueda flags flew  over some of our embassies
in the Middle East as our American flags were torn down and burned, and Americans murdered on our own
Embassy grounds, including our Ambassador.  Where a strong response was called for, President Obama did
what?  Oh, yes - went to bed, then flew out to Los Vegas for a campaign fundraiser, then sent his minions
out for two weeks to lie about the cause - that it was not a 9/11 terrorist attack   -
  no, it was the result of a youtube video!

Unemployment -  While the Democrats celebrate the decline in the rate of unemployment
        to an outrageous  7.3%, and tell us repeatedly that Obama's policies are finally solving the 
        results of the disastrous economy inherited from George Bush,  do you know what the 
        average unemeployment was during the eight years of the Bush administration?

                                                           Answer:  5.26 %     (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
Yes.  And the last year of the Bush administration, 2008 - unemployment was 5.8%

        On May 4, 2012, the government announced that the "Labor Force Participation" 
                (number of people working) had fallen to the lowest number since 
                                                            December, 1981.

 *Religious Freedom -     Under the First Amendment of the Constitution, the government is 
 explicitely  prohibited from "impeding the free exercise of religion."  During the recent decades of liberal
judges "interpreting" the Constitution in accordance with their own personal worldview,   with total disregard
for actual law, we have seen the free exercise of religion outlawed in every venue of daily life.  Children are
severely punished if they attempt to pray at school, bless a meal, invoke the name of God at any school
function, or pray with their team before a game.  We hear of repeated attempts to remove "under God" from
our pledge of allegiance, "in God we trust" from our money, and the Ten Commandments from all public settings. 
We cannot place a Nativity scene in our town squares, and the Boy Scouts are expected to have gay men as
scout masters.  

        Now Obama is trying to force religious organizations to provide all their employees with health insurance
coverage that includes everything from contraception to abortion (the"morning-after pill"), even though this is
against their religious convictions and principles.  While  mandating this coverage, Obama now says that it shall
be provided free of charge - the insurer will cover the cost - which means the insurer will raise the premium paid
by the employer, the religious organization.  The Democrat administration is attempting to make this a battle
against Catholics, another attempt to divide the conservative right.  Some years ago their target was the
"religious right," Evangelical Christians, whom they portrayed as the whacko lunatic fringe.  They do not understand 
that freedom of religion is held precious by 
all   Americans who value our Judeo-Christian heritage.

                            What part of prohibiting the government from
                      "impeding the free exercise of religion"
                                      do they not understand?

            Social Security:    On July 12, 2011, in the midst of the debt ceiling crisis, Pres. Obama stated
publicly on TV that he could not assure seniors that their August Social Security checks would go out.  The
money would not be there unless Congress raised the debt ceiling - again!  There would be enough money to
give billions of dollars to Solyndra and other "green" companies owned by Obama donors, and plenty for Michelle's
posh vacations, but for the seniors - no money!

        Unlike government "give-away" programs, our seniors paid that money into Social Security 
(involuntarily, since the government just took it), so its our money, not the government's! 
Now we know - whenever Obama wants to raise taxes and borrow more (for his projects), we will be told
that the seniors will not get their Social Security checks otherwise.   

Two points are now obvious:
    1.  Social Security is, indeed, a Ponzi Scheme; and 
    2.  Those paying into the system now can not expect to get their money back when they retire.  The system
            is already bankrupt, and the government debt is growing every minute.  If the system is not drastically 
overhauled, soon it will not exist. 

*  Energy Independence - drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and ANWAR, and opening the Keystone XL
        Pipeline, would put us well on our way to independence from foreign oil imported from countries that do 
          not have our best interests at heart.   This requires a Republican in the White House and a majority in the

*  Border Security  -  This can only be achieved by replacing our Attorney General with a conservative
        who is committed to securing the border and enforcing our immigration laws.
*  Unions  -  Unions served  a purpose - a long time ago.  Workers, and businesses, are thriving now in
          Right-to-Work states and suffering in union controlled states.  The tragedy is greatest in the case of 
          government workers' unions (called "public sector unions" by the media and liberals).  The controversy 
          over collective bargaining is ludicrous.  The "bargaining" is presumably done between employer and
          employees, but in the case of government employees, the employers - the taxpayers - do not have a 
          seat at the table.  The union members "bargain" with the politicians (who they put in office with their    
          union dues), for the highest possible wages and benefits.  And, of course, the politicians give them whatever
          they ask.

          Finally, we taxpayers are waking up to the fact that government employees work for us. We pay 
          their salaries, and we determine the benefits to be offered - not the unions.




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